Reduce Waste, Recharge the Planet

Simple steps to reducing waste

The less we use, the more we help the environment. Sound simple?
It can be with these great tips:

  • Plastic straws

    Plastic straws

  • Recycle responsibly

    Recycle responsibly

  • Bags for life

    Bags for life

Plastic straws suck

Plastic straws are a big environmental problem. Thankfully, many restaurant chains are pledging to ban single-use plastic straws completely. But if you do need to use a straw why not try switching to one made of reusable stainless steel or glass? You can then use them as much as you like without having to worry about damaging the environment.

Another simple way to cut down on plastic pollution is to buy your fruit loose, or drink tap water instead of buying it in a plastic bottle.


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Bags for the Life

The world uses 1 Trillion single-use plastic bags every year! These non-bio degradable bags are dumped into landfills and have a huge impact on the environment. But if we all remembered to use bags for life, or even re-use our plastic bags we could make a big difference. 



Since the tax on plastics bags was introduced in the UK there has been an 85% drop in the number of plastic bags being used!



Recycle responsibly

Put it in the right bin

Over the past 4 years, England has seen an 84% increase in household rubbish being rejected for recycling. This has a huge negative impact on the environment but it’s very simple to solve. All we need to do is take a little extra time and check an item before we dispose of it.

Most plastic products are clearly marked to show which parts are recyclable, so by taking an extra second or two to double-check, we'll stop that piece of plastic from sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years to come.

Check with your local council on what they do and don’t recycle…
you could even join the campaign or start one to ask your council to recycle more! Even though batteries are easily recycled not many councils offer curbside battery collection but any supermarket, department store or local recycling centre will offer battery recycling.

By promising to make small changes we can make a big difference to the environment. So make the pledge today, and join the growing number of retailers and consumers dedicated to reducing their footprint upon the world.

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