Be a Greener Shopper

Simple steps to greener Shopping:

 Where we buy, and how we buy can have a massive impact on the planet. So before you hit the check-out, check this out:

  • Less packaging

    Less packaging

  • Buy second hand

    Buy second hand

  • Buy local

    Buy local


Buy Local

One of the tastiest ways to reduce your footprint is by buying local. As well as helping to reduce transportation costs, you’ll be enjoying produce that takes less time from field to fork. Not only will this be greener, it’s also likely to be far more nutritious. So instead of buying those strawberries flown in all the way from Spain, why not pick your own?

And it’s not just strawberries and fruit that you can pick! Many farms also offer the chance to pick your own carrots, beans and other types of delicious, fresh produce. So get picking and find your local PYO farms.


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Try second-hand first

Buying second hand isn’t just greener, it’s also a lot cooler! For instance, upcycling an old table with a new coat of paint means you’ve got something truly unique – and it’s a lot less expensive than buying brand new. Society’s throwaway attitude has a major impact on the environment, so why not reduce your footprint by checking-out second-hand sites such as Gumtree or eBay.

A Swedish study determined that within just their own test group, users who bought second-hand objects – from furnishings to cars – contributed to save 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 in one year!


Buying second-hand objects, from furnishings to cars, can help save 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 in one year!

Across the globe, we throw out over 50 tonnes of household waste every second. A number that will double by 2030.

Less packaging. Less waste.

Products with less packaging, or made with recycled materials are much better for the environment. Packaging that can’t be recycled ends up as landfill, so the less there is, the less impact there is on the environment. Items sold in bulk or multi-packs are also a good option, as well as shops such as Weigh and Save that sell produce with no packaging at all. So next time you go shopping why not try and think outside the box?

The GP packaging promise

Although GP Rechargeable batteries are currently packaged in PETE plastic (the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-recycle), we understand the impact plastic waste has on our planet. We’re therefore under-going a complete packaging overhaul to ensure we use the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-recycle wherever possible!

By promising to make small changes we can make a big difference to the environment. So make the pledge today, and join the growing number of retailers and consumers dedicated to reducing their footprint upon the world.

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