Drive Down Vehicle Emissions

Simple steps to greener transport

Car emissions are rapidly driving up global warming. So here’s a few ways you can start to put this into reverse.

  • Get on your bike

    Get on your bike

  • Car Share

    Car Share

  • Go electric!

    Go electric!

  • Efficent MPG

    Efficent MPG

Nearly a third of energy was renewable in 2017

Nearly a third of energy was renewable in 2017

Choose a green car

Whether you like silver, white, or Mauritius Blue, always choose a car that’s green. Most of us are urban drivers, so cars that offer good MPG (miles per gallon) make good sense. You’ll spend less on petrol and produce less emissions, so both you and the planet will be happy.

And if you really want to drive down your emissions, why not invest in a hybrid or all-electric vehicle? You could be producing zero emissions and saving a fortune on fuel.


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Share if you care

Ever noticed how many cars only have one person in them? Now just imagine how many of those cars could be off the road if people were sharing. Traffic congestion costs the EU economy over £865bn every year, and produces countless tonnes of unnecessary emissions.

By sharing journeys with colleagues, friends, or family, you can also share petrol costs, stories and jokes. And while you’re enjoying the ride, you’ll also be helping to save the planet!

And if you’re stuck for someone to share a ride with, websites like are a great place to go!

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9-16% of electricity consumed in homes is used on standby mode

Get on your bike

Why not leave the car at home and try a different way of getting around? Taking the bus takes one car off the road, and gives you time to catch up on your phone. And if you jump on a bike you’ll be reducing your waistband as well as your footprint!

Did you know that more and more businesses are signing up to the Cycle to Work scheme? This saves employees up to 42% on a new bicycle and helps spread the payments. What’s more, you don’t have to use the bike for work either - you can use it to for exercise and bike rides with family and friends!

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By promising to make small changes we can make a big difference to the environment. So make the pledge today, and join the growing number of retailers and consumers dedicated to reducing their footprint upon the world.

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