Energy efficiency starts at home

5 steps to an efficient home

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills. So here are a few simple steps/tips for a warmer home and a cooler planet

  • Insulating the loft

    Insulating the loft

  • Drawing curtains during winter

    Drawing curtains during winter

  • Chimney draught excluder

    Chimney draught excluder

  • Draught-proofing windows & doors

    Draught-proofing windows & doors

  • Only heating rooms in use

    Only heating rooms in use

Nearly a third of energy was renewable in 2017

Nearly a third of energy was renewable in 2017

Renewable is do-able

Switching to a Clean Energy tariff couldn’t be easier. Comparison sites such as USwitch will find you the best deal going, and the provider will take care of everything else. And not only is it greener than a standard rate tariff, it’s usually a lot less expensive!

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Off is the new on

Switching to eco-friendly products is great, but switching to ‘off’ is even better. Leaving electrical items on standby still uses up energy, so switch off the power and help the planet recharge! And as well as making a small difference to the planet, you’ll also notice a big difference in your energy bills!

According to the ‘Powering the nation’ study completed by the Energy Saving Trust, between 9-16% of the electricity consumed in homes is used to power appliances when they are in this standby mode. On a bill of £500 this could account for as much as £80.

9-16% of electricity consumed in homes is used on standby mode

By promising to make small changes we can make a big difference to the environment. So make the pledge today, and join the growing number of retailers and consumers dedicated to reducing their footprint upon the world.

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