Our mission
Reduce, Recycle & Recharge

We want everyone to reduce, recycle and recharge. Because by doing so we can dramatically decrease our footprint and leave behind a better world for our children.

So whether you’re a retailer or a consumer, join the GP movement and make your pledge today.

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Follow the three R’s for a greener, cleaner world

Reduce your waste


The less you use and throw away, the more you’ll reduce your waste and ultimately your footprint.

Recycle everything!


Whether it’s a battery or a cardboard box, a surprising amount of household waste can actually be recycled.

Recharging Saves on Single use Batteries


Converting to rechargeable batteries means less batteries being used. So, as well as saving money, you’ll reduce your footprint by creating far less waste.

GP Batteries

GP are the battery experts. Why? Because we’ve had over 50 years experience at the cutting edge of battery design. Based in Hong Kong, we’re now the number one brand in Asia and parts of Europe, and sell batteries all over the world.

And as the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries we’re dedicated to helping both retailers and consumers switch to more eco-friendly alternatives, as well as promoting the recycling of single-use disposable batteries. By doing so we can dramatically reduce the 600 million batteries thrown away in the UK every year.


By promising to make small changes we can make a big difference to the environment. So make the pledge today, and join the growing number of retailers and consumers dedicated to reducing their footprint upon the world.

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Change batteries. Change the planet

Every year the UK is estimated to throw away over 600 million batteries. Last year the UK missed its target for battery recycling, with over half the population unaware that batteries can even be recycled. 

As well as taking a very long time to decompose, batteries leak heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium into the environment. This can be dangerous for both our fragile eco-system and humans, which is why it’s so vital important to recycle your batteries!

But our mission is more than just getting everyone to recycle their batteries. – we want them to switch to rechargeable batteries too. Because each time you use a rechargeable battery that’s one less single-use battery that needs to be made and recycled. And because GP rechargeable batteries, such as the ReCyko Pro can be charged up to 1,500 times – this one small change can have a huge positive impact upon the environment, as well as saving consumers millions of pounds.

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